Box FAQs

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general information

  • All players participating in 901 Lacrosse must be active members of USBOXLA .  Players without a USBOXLA number will be not allowed on the field or on the bench.  You can register or renew your membership here.

  • All players must have a current medical waiver/release on file to participate in any 901 Lacrosse events.  You can complete one on our website.

  • All Coaches, Referees and Scorekeepers must be USBOXLA certified.  All certifications must be updated to stay compliant with USBOXLA standards.

  • An Official USBOXLA Stat Sheet must be completed for every game.

  • Referees must be in proper USBOXLA sanctioned uniforms.  

  • Official Box Lacrosse goals will be used.  Offensive and defensive zones will be marked and adjusted to accommodate playing surface. 

  • All 901 Lacrosse players must wear their own 901 Lacrosse issued jersey.  Jerseys cannot be shared or borrowed.

  • Players must wear appropriate lacrosse shorts and footwear to participate.  Turf shoes, cross-trainers, basketball shoes or indoor soccer shoes are acceptable.  No clearts shall be worn.

  • Players cannot wear any jewelry of any kind while training or participating in games.  This includes and is not limited to earrings, watches, necklaces, metal bracelets and/or rings.

  • All "Runners" (non-goaltenders) must wear proper box lacrosse equipment.  Lacrosse gloves, shoulder pads, arm guards, rib/kidney pads and a mouth piece must be worn correctly at all times.  Approved lacrosse or hockey helmets may be worn to play box lacrosse.  901 Lacrosse has the right to inspect and disallow any improper helmets and/or equipment that is deemed unacceptable.

  • All "Runners" must use a short stick that meets NFHS standards in the length of the handle as well as the width of the crosse, and the depth of the pocket.  NFHS shooting string rules will apply.

  • Goaltenders must wear standard box lacrosse goalie equipment.  Goalies can provide their own gear or can use the provided 901 Lacrosse goalie equipment.  All goalies must provide their own cup, helmet/throat guard and stick.  Optional goalie gloves are available.  It is suggested that younger goalies wear their traditional field lacrosse chest protector under their box lacrosse goalie "uppers" for additional support.

Player Uniforms & equipment standards

  • Three 15-minute periods - running clock

  • Last minute of each period is stopped clock

  • Each team receives one, 30-second timeout per game

  • Each period starts with a faceoff.  Faceoff procedure will be in line with NFHS rules

  • 30-second shot clock starts once the offensive team gains possession of the ball.  The clock is reset on any shot that hits the goaltender or post

  • Defensive teams have 10 seconds to get the ball over the midline

  • Once over the midline, offensive teams cannot carry or pass the ball back over to their defensive end.  "Over and Back" will be called

  • Rules related to safety will be strictly enforced, see below:

    • Screens/Picks: moving picks are not allowed; feet must be set

    • Boarding is STRICTLY prohibited and will be a major time serving penalty

    • Loose ball interference: this will be called tight and players will be constantly reminded to go for the ball and that the ball is loose. There is no “Man Ball"...all players must only play the ball on loose ball scenarios. This rule will be strictly enforced

    • Checking from behind: zero tolerance for back checks; back checks are extremely dangerous​. All players must stay off the back

    • No stick swinging / slashing: players can crosscheck, but cannot slash

*For full rule explanation see the Official USBOXLA Rule Book

quick rule reference & Points of emphasis