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Lacrosse sixes

Since 2017, 901 Lacrosse has been committed to growing and providing a forum for athletes to improve their skills in a fun and competitive setting.  Box Lacrosse has been at the heart of this experience and will always remain our primary avenue for teaching the game. 


Lacrosse Sixes is a combination of traditional field lacrosse and box lacrosse that will provide players an outstanding opportunity to gain all the benefits of the box game but in an open field setting. This up and down style of lacrosse features a 6v6 game on an 80-yard by 40-yard field, with 8 minute quarters featuring a 45-second shot clock, regulation field lacrosse goals, and quick clears from the goalie after a goal is scored. This high-paced and action-filled version of the sport will allow players the freedom to improve lacrosse IQ and game sense in a setting that promotes both fundamentals and creativity. Both long poles and short sticks will play on both sides of the ball which will increase conditioning and fun.  This new version of the sport will debut at the 2022 World Games as a predecessor to the inclusion of the sport in the Summer Olympics.

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